Company Profile

As your ideal one-stop partner in business development, Trinity International Limited offers professional services in public relations, communications, marketing, event organization, design, production and publication. Our team comprises of experienced and professional members with various backgrounds and talents that strive to serve our clients in enhancing their brand image and discovering business opportunities by offering the best strategy and services that can successfully convey your market message and carry your business a wide step forward!

Professional Team

Our team members possess a wide variety of expertise, such as: public relations, event organization, event management, advertising, media sale, media purchase, editorial publication, printing and production and internet techniques.

Key Points:
  • Public relations sector
  • Publication and distribution sector
  • Design and production sector
  • Media sale sector

Service Features

Company strengths: professionalism, creativity, social network, resources, philosophy, experience, talents and tools.

Key Points:
  • Infinite creativity
  • Strong organizing and executive ability
  • Clean and brisk progress
  • Immediate and flexible reactions
  • Diversified and high-quality services